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> just curious..
> why isn't the Royal Huntsman tourney going to be held at the Archer's
> ??

In addition to the reasons put forth my Lord Timothy it is also important to
consider that there are TWO large archery events that weekend.  Hunters Moon
in Emerald Keep and Cour d'Amour in Gate's Edge.  To give either event the
honor of hosting the Royal Huntsman Tournament would effectively destroy the
others archery activities.

When Cour d'Amour was first put on the Calendar a bid for Royal Huntsman was
considered for that weekend.  The crown tournament was moved from October to
November which would give no time to make a proper announcement and then
later Hunters Moon was scheduled the same weekend.

> it was postponed from Three Kings (which I think was a good decision) but
> rescheduled for Steppes 12th night? I was under the impression that this
> a big indoor holiday party. where to shoot?

Everyone please keep in mind that Steppes 12th night is not 100% confirmed
yet.  This is a tentative date at this point.  Another event in January or
February might be the lucky host.  Obviously, to meet January Black Star
deadlines we will know something for sure within the next three weeks.


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