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Mon Nov 18 18:25:16 PST 2002

We did get butts busted in the Archers Only battle last year and I am told
most years before.

After all of the non Ansteorran/Trimaran archers where assigned to fight
with Ansteorra we actually had 1 more archer than they did.  We still lost.

As Lord Lughaidh indicated we lost because the Trimaran forces were better
organized.  They work well together usually working in teams of two or three
archers.  Of the several members in the team usually at least one of them is
loaded and ready to shoot to cover the other archers while the reload or
move and to take advantage of any shot opportunities that present
themselves.  The also were better organized for resupply with their little
resupply wagon on the field.

We are still working out scenario details and will be for quite sometime.
If you have scenario suggestions please send them to me directly.  As soon
as the scenarios are decided I will communicate the details.

I would like to suggest that we start planning now for an archers meeting
the day before so that we can go over the terrain and to coordinate and
communicate the battle plans.


Lord Eadric Anstapa
Kingdom Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
eadric at scabrewer.com

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Well then my suggestion would be to start planning and organizing now!
We were totally slaughtered last year.  It wasn't due to a lack of
skill, but rather a lack of organization.  I think the battle was the
best two-out-of-three, and Trimaris won 2-0.  They were completely
organized and followed a well thought out and practiced plan.  They were
lead by an archer-knight, Sir Erica, and her 4 red belted squires.

When it was time for the battle to begin, Ansteorra had *9* archers
total present ready to fight.  They assigned all neutral kingdom's
archers to Ansteorra, (before opening day and all alliances were
determined) and we were still outnumbered.

Archers in Trimaris are held in very high regards.  They have a very
large archery community.  They have many knights and squires that are
archers.  I've heard rumor that there is currently a waiting list to
order baldur blunts because orders are coming out of Florida faster than
they can be produced.  In order to take this point we must amass a much
larger force of archers than we have now  And we must plan, communicate,
and practice a well thought out proven battle strategy.

We won the static archery war point last year for the first time in Gulf
War history.  It was scored by taking the top 7 scores submitted from
each kingdom and totaled up.  The highest cumulative score of the top 7
was the determining factor.

Let's make next year a continuation of firsts and take the combat
archery war point!

Ld. Lughaidh Mac Sheóinín
Bryn Gwlad Baronial Archery Champion

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Greetings Everyone,

At the Gulf War meeting this weekend some plans were made for the war
point battles at Gulf War.  The Town Battle was added as a War Point.
Unfortunately, that left and odd number of war points and means that an
overwhelming tie would have been impossible.  Therefore, another war
point was needed.  It was decided that the 14th War Point will be the

Yep, that's right, the Combat Archers of this Kingdom will be
responsible for a War Point all on their own.  This is both a great
honor and a big responsibility for the archers of Ansteorra.

Currently the plans are for the Archers Only Battle War Point to be held
on Thursday Morning.  However, we will likely have some other archers
only friendship battles earlier in the week to help us prepare.

Start beating the war drums.  Sharpen your arrows and ready your bows.


Lord Eadric Anstapa
Kingdom Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
eadric at scabrewer.com

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