[Ansteorra-archery] Archers only Battle at Gulf Wars

DAFPIG@aol.com DAFPIG at aol.com
Thu Nov 21 10:38:41 PST 2002

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Greetings Combat archers,

By now, I'm assuming most of you have read that there will be an Archers only
Battle at Gulf Wars this year. In the past years, this battle has proven very
difficult for our fine archers,,, lack of leadership, lack of ammo, lack of
archers and mostly,,lack of experience.

Well,, this year we are going about this battle much differently.  We have
leadership, we are working on producing more ammo and archers.
I'm going to ask my lord, Sir Daffydd, if he will post on the Chivalry list
asking for all Knights and their squires to shoot in this battle. ( being
that there is no heavy WAR POINT fighting opposite this battle) This will
give us not only more archers, but archers with melee experience!  Very
important and something our good archers are sorely lacking.

I encourage all to have/go to arrow making "parties".  Check with your region
Sergeant to see if they will "host" one or help you host one..either at a
fighter practice or an upcoming Yule event.  I have listed below the folks
who can help you out along with their email address.  Have questions?  Drop
them an email.

Master Pug    Southern Region----        pug at pug.net
Lord Robin of Seawinds-Coastal---        Robinbowmaker at aol.com
HL Fergus- Central--                            fearghus at elfsea.net.
HL Talon - western-                             mharkness at hot.rr.com
Countess Octavia- Northern                  Dafpig at aol.com
It is going to take EVERYONE in the archery community to produce a
functional, capable archery corp.  Thanks for your help!!

Countess Octavia
Archery Commander for the Army of Heroes

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