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Mike Catron meggiddo at netzero.net
Sat Nov 23 08:05:21 PST 2002


First, Thank You Ld Eadric for the praise on how I build Golf Tube

I am usually in a park in Carrollton during Sunday's afternoons from
around 2 PM through 5 PM or so. The park is Mary Heads Park. If anyone
has an interest in learning how I build golf tubes APD's, come on out.

I have been conducting a class on how to build combat arrows which
include Golf Tube APD's since October for those who have express to me a
desire to become combat archers and wish to use golf tubes as APD's. I
also conducted a small one-on-one class Sunday morning at 3 Kings.

Condottieri fighting unit just made purchases for fiberglass (Extern 500
from Strongwell) for combat arrows, jumbo golf tubes, elbows and knees
for armor.

Michael of the Fray
Unit Combat Archer for the Condottieri

Eadric Anstapa wrote:


> If you are using wooden shafts then the best choice are the jumbo golf
> tubes.  Anyone using Golf Tube APDs should go see Michael of the Fray for a
> class in making and attaching these APDs.  Michaels are by far the best
> construction of any Golf Tube PAD I have seen anywhere.  He uses them on
> both his wood and fiberglass shafts and they serve him well.   Golf Tube
> APDs are good if done right.  Very few people do them right.  Michael stands
> out as the person that does them best.
> Regards,
> Lord Eadric Anstapa
> Kingdom Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
> eadric at scabrewer.com
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