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>Do you still have these for sale?  What do you consider a large enough
>order soyou would do up a batch?

Well, you have very good timing, however, I also have some information for you:

The reason I mention this, is that I am JUST getting ready to start a new
batch of munition bows (I have been taking orders for a while, and just
reached enough to make it 'worthwhile'.)

However, note that the current munition bow has changed from what is on the
website (I need to update it SOON).

The biggest change, is that it now costs $115.  The REASON for the change,
is because of a number of changes that have been made to it to make it
better.  It was too low grade for my tastes, I want to always sell quality
equipment, even if it is quality munition grade.

The main changes from the website are:
1) Oak stock instead of popular
2) Prod made from Power-Tuff - a fiberglass specifically formulated for bow
3) Prod wider, to take a 27" string (previous took a 22.5" string), meaning
less chance of the string coming off the prod, and a more standard size
that people tend to make.
4) A slew of 'little stuff'

Also, I am offering an 'option' (the only option), for a rope&wood stirrup
that would be attached to the bow, for an additional $10 ... as I had a few
people who were dainty, and who couldn't/didn't want to span the crossbow
into their chest/stomach/leg as is recommended for combat speed.

So, if you are wanting one of these, GREAT, I can add you to the list.  I
would need the $115 payment upfront so that I can buy supplies.  The batch
has been promised to be done by Gulf Wars (And I've never missed a
promise).  Hopefully, it will be sooner, but it's ALOT of crossbows to make.

Once it is ready, I will require payment for the shipping.  Shipping
charges will be $5 for box/bubblewrap/handling, and then shipping charges
via USPS Priority Mail, which range from $10 (to Pennsylvania) to $35 (to

Now, by the tone of your email, it sounds like you perhaps were thinking
about ordering more than one ...

If so, realize that you will save money.  As these get charged dimensional
shipping because of the large box ... and it turns out that I can fit two
in one box.  Therefore, you can get 2, for the shipping//handling cost of 1 ...

Do let me know very soon if you are wanting to get in on this order ... or
if you have any other questions ...


Eli White                                       Crossbows by Siegfried
Lord Siegfried Sebastian Faust                   http://crossbows.biz/

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