[Ansteorra-archery] Cour d'Amour Archery

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Mon Nov 25 15:45:35 PST 2002

For those of you who missed Cour d'Amour in Gates Edge this weekend, you
missed a real Hunters Archery Tournament.

The tournament featured life sized 3D animal targets.  In a Four Round
Tournament shot completely at animal targets at unknown ranges (and the
ranges changed each round)  Lord Wilim Penbras emerged victorious to be
proclaimed the new Gates Edge Huntsman.  To assure that the Gates Edge
Champion is well equipped Lord Wilim won a Gift Certificate to Kustom King
Archery AND a longbow custom made to his order from Baron Bows.

A number of other archers also did well.  Lord Carluccio di Baia, Baron
Godwin of Eddington, Baron Talmon Wilbanks, Sir Karl de Gangr, Lady Moreg
Cochrane, Honorable Lord Fearghus MacKenna, and Lord Alden Drake were also
"in the hunt" until the final round and proved that they could also put meat
on the table.

After the archery championship there was an open range for recording IKAC or
Royal Round scores, a children's archery session, and a "William Tell"
themed  prize shoot.

In the William Tell shoot archers where asked to display their skill by
shooting an apple off the head of a "child" without harming the child.  The
"child" was a head sized  balloon suspended on a string with the apple
threaded on the string above and resting on the balloon.

Given six arrows each, five archers, Lord Wilim, Honorable Lord Fearghus,
Baron Talmon, Lord Fenris, and Don Iago,  managed to shoot the apple without
harming the child.  Four of those five archers were able to repeat the feat
not just once bit TWICE.  Then two archers, Lord Wilim and Honorable Lord
Fearghus managed to continue to shoot the apple from the child's head twice

In the end, Lord Wilim was able to shoot the apple from a child's head 5
times, but Honorable Lord Fearghus managed to do so 6 times.  That evening
H.L. Fearghus' labors bore "fruit" and he was presented in court a nice
Dutch Apple Pie to enjoy with feast.

Thank you to Lord Carluccio di Baia for running an enjoyable day of archery
for over 20 archers.


Lord Eadric Anstapa
Ansteorran Archer Having Fun
eadric at scabrewer.com

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