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I suggest that the meeting be held at the Baron's.  Bring your questions and ideas for bowyers and we will discuss archery as we work.  I still need to make a heavier set of arrows for my horsebow and work on my crossbow as well (yes- I am dabbling in the dark side for combat- and to beat a certain other individual that does not shoot bow often);-).


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> This is your friendly reminder that there will be a meeting of the Steppes
Bowyers and Fletchers Tuesday February 11 at 7:30 PM. Jacques will
teaching us to build Footed Shafts and we will be working on fletching new
loaner arrows.

If there is enough interest I would be pleased to postpone the meeting to
next Tuesday so that we can go help Baron Fritz work on the Gulf War Gate.
Please let your wishes be known ASAP.

Directions to my house are

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