[Ansteorra-archery] Archery at Middleford's Warchieftain / Cavalier of the Bridge

Bob Dewart gilli at hot.rr.com
Mon Nov 10 16:48:34 PST 2003

Greetings and Hi There,

As promised earlier in the year, I will be holding 7 archery competitions at
Middleford's Warchieftain / Cavalier of the Bridge event 15 Nov. 2003 at
Camp Finlayson on Fort Hood, Texas.

There are two premise to these competitions:  1). They are based on the
Kingdom's Tassel system, 2).  Folks will be shooting against those of
comparable skill level.

Bring your own toys!!!  I will not have any loaner gear at the competition.

Shooting schedule:
Non ranked - 10 AM
White tassels - 11 AM (Non ranked may also compete)
Black tassels - Noon  (Non ranked and white tassels may also compete)
Blue tassels - 1 PM  (Non ranked, white and black tassels may also compete)
Red tassels - 2 PM  (Non ranked, white, black and blue tassels may also
Gold tassels - 3 PM  (Non ranked, white, black, blue and red tassels may
also compete)
Open - 4 PM
        As you can see, those of a lower rank MAY compete in a higher
bracket if they chose to do so.  However, one may             NOT compete in
a bracket lower than ones ranking.

All competitions will be shot at 25 yards.   Each competition is one hour
long.  The time will start and end precisely by my watch.  During the hour,
shooting will progress just as with a normal IKAC round, IE. 2 rounds of six
arrows or bolts, 2 speed rounds, 2 rounds of 6 arrows or bolts, 2 speed
rounds, etc, etc.  Until the hour is up, at which time the next group will
start.  Appropriate times to shoot arrows or bolts will be followed.

The hour is the hour.  Do with it as you will.  Shoot, take a break, go to
the restroom, whatever; the time will not stop.

Bring extra arrows!!!  Arrow retrieval will be done expeditiously!!  If you
must look for an arrow, you will only be allowed 1 minute past the amount of
time it takes to score and remove the arrows from the butts.  Those who take
longer, will be penalized.

The winner of a particular competition is the one with the highest score.
In the event of a tie, they'll split the prize for that competition. A
archer may win more than one competition..

There is no separate category for crossbows as all tassel rankings are based
on royal round scores.

Need not be wearing your tassel to compete.

See you all there.


Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.

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