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There is no formally proscribed method for the giving out of the tassels.  Once an archer has achieved a rank they can start wearing the appropriate tassel.  You don't have to have shot for any particular amount of "time", once the keeper of the Royal Rounds has recognized your new rank you can start wearing the appropriate tassel.  I guess the minimum amount of time would be three days since it takes three scores for an average and you can only submit one score per division per day.

We recommend that the local marshallate keep track of when their archers achieve a new rank and see to it that they recognized locally.  Talk to the local B&B, call them up in court, before populace, etc.  

Archers can make their tassels themselves, or local friends and marshals can get them for them for presentation.  If nobody locally has the skill to make the tassels then contact the Royal Rounds deputy who can help you get tassels.  The RR deputy should have a stock of tassels that were made and donated by House Arkham to the RR program.


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  another question from the trying to learn marshal...
  where and how does one go about finding the tassels for royal rounds ??
  are they given out by the king? queen ? baron ? etc . ?
  the rules just say you can earn them , not who gives them out , or how long the person has to shoot before they can get a tassel..
  i am getting asked , so i'm asking .... thanx

  be safe, be happy, have fun

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