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Greetings Ld Billy Fathead and members of the list,

We have a similar problem in An Tir regarding archery awards of recognition.
Medallions are awarded to the top archers of the kingdom. Yet, in the
Principality of Avacal, we have not received them for reasons unknown to us.
So to make a long story short, the principality archers have taken charge of
the situation, set up our own competition and record keeping system,
commissioned medallions and set a date for the presentation of the awards.

BTW we are Canadian!


HL Deicyn Moel
Royal Archer, Avacal

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Depending on who you talked to the tassels had many varied purposes or none
at all.  It's fulfilling the second pretty well.  Still, I like the old
fashioned purpose.  I use mine to clean my arrow tips.

The presentation method from the beginning was an informal one,  done at
populace meeting or local events, given out by whatever passes for your
local muckity-muck.  Creation of tassels was also left in the air to land
solidly at the feet of whoever you managed to find to make you one or
several.  Personally I made my own in materials appropriate to my time and
persona.  (Wilim is a cheap, lazy SOB so Adam used the cheapest materials
readily available.  A bunch of DMC Floss cost about ten minutes time and
less than $2.00 worth of floss.  It was already wound into skiens so I just
wrapped the top with the appropriate color knot and cut out the bottom of
the skien.)

Anywho,  to make a long story even longer, the system was setup by archers
for archers and is run by archers.  (that'd be y'all... show some
e-nishative.  Y'all are actin' like Canadians waiting for a handout from on

    Ld. Billy Fathead, Esq.
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> If the purpose of the tassels was to promote archery, it's doing less than
> satifactory IMO.
> Gilli
> Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.

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