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Yep Will, you are right I do still have them.  I have put them with my
stuff that I will be taking to Melees this weekend.  Now if you or any
other Arkham archer is coming please fell free to get yours.  That will
apply to anybody else who shows up.  I will try and get a accurate list
for this, I believe they were done for a Jan 2001 update.
Very good, we can talk about making arrangements to send 
them out while we're there. Our Ladies will be pleased to see 
the tassels finally reach those for whom they were intended. 

Yes we do have a war band of ten (maybe twelve) household 
mercenaries and a new trebuchet currently being readied & 
packed for the caravan to Autumn Melees.  Our encampment 
will be a bit more Spartan then normal as the Lady Toryn 
Seven-Stiches will be the only female warrior among us & 
Athewulf the Hungry our only household page.  As always 
you are more than welcome to join our camp Lord Iaen.  
We should start arriving on site just before or shortly after dark, 
and you know what to look for to find us!

Now on the other hand I remember telling you and the other archers up
that way to make sure that you all had your tassels before they were
given to me and you all declined to.  I think I remember Owen picking his
up but I may be mistaken
Tis' correct, we did wish to receive our tassels with all the 
other kingdom archers and at the time there was talk of making 
a presentation at AoB or some other event appropriate to the 
occasion.  Didn't quite come to pass did it?  Oh well, "best 
laid plans" & "good intentions", let's just do what we can now 
to get the tassels into our archers hands! 

Robert of Yorkshire99
Sebastian Frobishire93
Fearghus Mc Kenna73
Moreg Cochrane72
Oudoceus Kynith66
Gilbert Ost Wesley65
Lughaidh Mac sheoinnin63
Jacques the Spink61
James De Warrene59
Owen Hell54
Wilim Penbras52
Carluccio di Baia52
Plachoya Sobaka45
Eshtban Il Andalus41
Will Duty38
William Ironwyrm37
Iaen Mor35
Eadric Anstapa35
Iames Lochainn33
Rebekah of Newcastle32
Dante Sansovino27
Thomas O'Toole25
Alisstassia del Balzo17

William Ironwyrm68

I believe this was the list that the ladies worked off of, if anybody
knows the were on the list please let me know.

I may still have a copy of that list, I'll see if I can find it.  
We shall look forward to seeing you at Autumn Melees!



Iaen Mor
Gate's Edge
Coastal Region Archery Marshal
iaenmor at swbell.net
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> Anywho,  to make a long story even longer, the system was setup by 
> archers
> for archers and is run by archers.  (that'd be y'all... show some
> e-nishative.  Y'all are actin' like Canadians waiting for a handout 
> from on
> high.)

On behalf of the good Ladies of House Arkham I would
defend their forlorn effort as not only having taken the 
initiative but action as well to create tassels not just for 
the archers of their own household but every archer 
holding a ranking within the royal rounds of the kingdom.  
They did the research, gathered and bought the materials & 
assembled tassels over several weekends and presented 
these finished archer's tassels to the keeper of the royal 
rounds for distribution.
They did this courtesy for our archers to promote a sense 
of personal pride in being Ansteorran archers with the 
addition of an accessory to display upon personal costume 
to identify themselves as archers & note their skill.  
Unfortunately these tassels have never been seen again!
This was very disappointing not only for the Ladies whom 
went to the time, effort, and expense to make these icons
but for those archers who were expecting to receive their 
archer's tassel as well, the offering was no secret.  
No one more than myself understands that "things happen" 
and I know we're all very busy but it has been a couple of 
years now since said archer's tassels were delivered, could our 
keepers of the royal rounds possibly locate whatever garage 
or closet these archers tassels came to rest within and get 
them distributed to the kingdom's participating royal round 
archers, please?

It has been so long that many archers's rankings have changed 
but I would send them out anyway.  Those archer's may pass 
the tassel down to their fellow archers or use it as a pattern 
to remake themselves a correct one.

I would further suggest the tassels be passed to our archer's 
local branch archery marshal through the regional archery 
marshals for distribution.  After all it is to both their 
benefit and that of the kingdom to promote archery within 
their prospective regions & local branches.

So, to you keepers of the royal rounds both past & present, 
let's please take some initiative and get this ball rolling again, 
It's laid in your court far to long guys!

Pardon my boot,



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