[Ansteorra-archery] TASSELS ??

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Actually, YES.  A few people missed the whole point of the competition.
That it was just that, a COMPETITION.  It was not a realistic war practice
any more than any Army rifle range.  The purpose of both is to gain
proficiency in hitting the target.  The last several times I've seen that
part of the Royal Huntsman competition the participants could have used lots
of IKCAC practice.

Perhaps they were small changes to those who didn't shoot the competition
and who still don't.  A number of people, me included, had several hundred
dollars worth of that "competition" equipment.  And with a few stokes on the
keyboard, they became worthless.  I threw mine away since it wasn't good for
anything else.

The same sort of thing happened a few years back.  The Society Earl Marshal
at the time basically gutted the crossbows on poundage.  By the time sanity
returned to the marshallate the damage was done.  The crossbowman from the
West and Caid haven't shot a bolt in IKCAC since.  However, the good side of
that was that was when Ansteorra went from always 3rd place, to First Place
in the IKCAC.

Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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> I'll agree with the Apathy and Complacency part.
> Do ya really think that the small changes that were made to the rules
> a couple of weeks from the time of the intended season start really
> the desire of people to participate that much?  The changes surely should
> not have made it any more difficult for them to participate.
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> > Well, I can tell you why IKCAC hasn't had many shooting.
> >
> > In Ansteorra's case it is 3 fold. 1)  Apathy - most of the Kingdom,
> > for a small handful, couldn't care less about it.  2)  Complacency - at
> > least on my part, I was waiting till Archer's Revel since we've been
> > ONE for 4 or was it 5 years in a row.  3)  Timing - We hadn't planed on
> > house hunting till next July, however, what just poped up we couldn't
> go
> > by.  Because we'll be closing on the 26th and moving in Thanks Giving
> > weekend, assuming everything continues to go well, we had to cancel this
> > years Archer's Revel.
> >
> > Now for the Known World, I think it's poor showing is due to the
> of
> > the rules well after the season had started.
> >
> > Gilli
> > Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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