[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Assistance

iaenmor iaenmor at swbell.net
Mon Nov 17 21:06:22 PST 2003

Oh I think I just might be at Stargate Yule ( haven't missed one in years).
Heck, I even have one of those funny green and black thingies now to.
Unfortunately Loch Yule is on the same day as Graywoods and I will let you
all guess which one I am going to.
Iaen Mor
Gate's Edge
Coastal Region Archery Marshal
iaenmor at swbell.net
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> Archers,
> I would like to express my gratitude to Gilli, Ian, Moreg and all others
> that helped fill in for me at Seawinds, Bryn Gwylad and Tempio. Their
> Majesties reported on a job well done. I knew we could count on the
> of this Great Kingdom to step up to the line.
> I will be able to make the remainder of Their Majesties progress except
> the Yule events in December. They have Stargate Yule on Their calendar and
> possibly Loch Yule or Dragonsfire Tor Yule (both not confirmed yet). If
> there are any Arcus Majoris, Kings Archers or past Royal Huntsmen that
> be able to fill in for those please let me know.
> It looks like we have the next Royal Huntsman date set. Please come to
> Moonschadowe January 24th for a challenging tournament. I expect to see a
> lot of talent making this a wonderful competition. Let's see if we can
> this the largest Royal Huntsman tournament yet!
> Thanks and good shooting.
> Don Elric Draciwn
> Royal Huntsman
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