[Ansteorra-archery] Gate's Edge Archery Championship this weekend!

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Thu Oct 9 08:15:51 PDT 2003

Archers you just have two days left to prepare.  This Saturday, October 11,
the SHIRE of Gate's Edge will hold a tournament to decide the first Archery
Champion of our SHIRE .

As has become our custom the past few years the tournament will be
a double elimination head-to-head style tournament.

This year there is a twist.  We want our Archery Champion to also
be a craftsman if possible.  To that end there will be an archery
themed Arts and Sciences competition held at the archery range.
Any archer who enters items into the A&S competition will receive
an Extra Life in the tournament.  For Archer Craftsmen the
tournament is effectively triple elimination.  Entry in the A&S
competition is not limited to archers.  A prize will be offered to  the
craftsperson who wins this A&S competition.

Since we want to assure our prospective champions are as
versatile as possible, and provide a good test of skills, each
round of the tournament will feature a different style of archery.

Rounds will include:

Clout Archery
   Not practiced often in Ansteorra.  This long range shoot tests
the ability of an archer to drop arrows in a specified area.

Combat Archery
  Archers will wear helms or masks, use combat legal bows or
crossbows, and shoot Ansteorran combat legal arrows or bolts at
enemies peeking over a crenellated Castle Wall.  Some loaner
equipment will be available.  This is a target competition shot
with combat equipment.

Hunt Archery
  Archers will test themselves (and each other) against animal
targets.  In some rounds 3D targets will be used, in other rounds
paper animal targets may be used.

Speed Archery
   Archers will be tested in a 30 second speed round shooting at a
White-Green-Gold Period Target Face.

Target Archery
   Archers will be tested at various ranges shooting at typical 5-
color 60CM Ring Targets.

The format of successive rounds will be chosen to best test the remaining


The tournament will also be a "Skin's Game".  There will be a prize
for each round of the tournament.  The best Clout Archer can
win a prize, the best Combat Archer can win a prize, the best
Hunter can win a prize, etc.  If there is a tie for the high score
on any round and no clear winner can be determined then the prizes
for that round will be added to the next round.

Prizes will include but are not limited to:

1 dozen ModBods

Quality materials for 1 dozen combat arrows or bolts

Archery themed T-shirts from Renaissance Arts (you see them each
year at Gulf War and Pennsic)

Ansteorra Archery Themed Gear such as Shirts, Steins, Mugs, and
Bags from http://www.cafeshops.com/ansteorraarcher

Gift Certificates to Kustom King Archery

Real Genuine GRAY GOOSE fletches

Of course the over-all winner of the tournament will win a prize
and carry the Banner of the Archery Champion of the Shire of Gates
Edge for the next year.


The competition is open to Crossbows and Longbows/Recurves.
Whenever possible crossbows will be paired against crossbows.
Crossbow archers must stand while shooting if they are able to
stand.  If a Crossbow is paired against a Longbow or Recurve the
Longbow/Recurve will be awarded the win on any ties.

We want to encourage archers to shoot Period Equipment.  To that
end shooters of Period Equipment shall be awarded the win on any
ties when they shoot against modern equipment (except as noted above for
crossbows against

While everyone is invited to participate in the tournament, the Archery
Champion of a group should stand ready to act immediately when called upon.
To this end, to compete for the championship and progress beyond the fourth
round of the tournament, you must be shooting your own equipment (you can
not come and borrow equipment and expect to win the tournament).  The only
exception to this rule is the Combat Archery round where the use of loaner
equipment is allowed.

More information about the event along with maps and directions can
be found via http://gatesedge.ansteorra.org

Hope to see you this Saturday!

H.L. Eadric Anstapa
eadric at scabrewer.com

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