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Wed Oct 15 16:56:38 PDT 2003

See if the local 4 H has an archery "club". If so find out where they shoot 
and se if you can shhoot there.


humble archer
Ravens Fort Ansteorra

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>Subject: [Ansteorra-archery] NAA
>Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 16:35:09 -0500
>I am at this time trying to find a safe and legal place for archery 
>practice, in the west Ft. Worth suburbs. I have been in contact with the 
>City of Benbrook regarding practice in a city park and they said it was 
>possible since they already have a JOAD group practicing in their park. 
>However when I received their list of requirements, they require a NAA 
>Certified Trainer at each practice. I don't have any plans at this time to 
>become a member of NAA, or pay their very high prices for training. Has 
>anyone else run into a situation like this? Does anyone have any 
>Tegwared McAuley(mka Terry Varner)
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