[Ansteorra-archery] new royal huntsman

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The last round was GREAT--you should have been there to see it.  It was
between Arcus Fearghus and Arcus Jacque.  The target was a rabit at about 27
yards.  However, about 2 yards in front of the rabit was one of the King's
protected deer.  To hit the rabit, you had to shoot under the deer and
between his legs, without hitting the deer.

Most impressive.

The more arrows you loose, the more that can hit GOLD.
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> Congratulations Jacque!
> Elric Dracwin
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> It is my great honor and privilage to tell you that Arcus Jacque the Spink
> is the new Royal Huntsman! Arcus Eadric ran an exciting and challenging
> shoot. All of the archers competing did a great job! It was as fun to
> as any archery event I have yet attended. His Majesty Drake demonstrated
> own prowess with a bow, impressing many of us with his skill. For those of
> you that did not attend, you really missed a good one.
> Linet Grey
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