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Mon Aug 23 08:42:42 PDT 2004

Mike Gideon wrote:

> What "events" may Royal Rounds  and or IKAC scores be submitted from?
> I may have passed over this in reading over the rules. To date we have 
> only submitted scores from our regularly scheduled practices and events.
> *Míchél mac Donnchaid*
The scores must come from official events/practices.  That means that 
two dudes cant just decide to get together and shoot, determine that 
they were shooting well, and submit some scores. 

If the requirements have been met so that SCA insurance is active 
covering the meeting then you can submit scores.  The basic requirements 

1.  The meetings must have been announced in advance in a SCA newsletter.
2.  There must be an officer of the SCA present. (authorized marshals 
count as officers).

Thats about it,  If you meet those criteria then you can submit scores.

For reference,

The RR rules say:  "Remember all qualifying scores must take place at an 
event that had been announced in advance in a SCA newsletter."  We dont 
mention the officer bit because we assume a Target Archery Supervising 
Marshals will be present.

The IKAC rules say:  "The competition may be shot at any official 
Kingdom or local event (regular practice sessions which are periodically 
announced in the appropriate newsletter count as official 
events--otherwise, official events are all those announced in the 
appropriate Kingdom or local newsletter)."


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