[Ansteorra-archery] Update on Thomas Quilliam

Elric Dracwin dracwin at coxinet.net
Mon Sep 6 18:00:33 PDT 2004

I am very glad that you are doing better. We were all extremely concerned.
Many thanks to you for getting everything so well arranged that Lord Arthur
Blackmoon was able to step in and run things. I am sorry you weren't able to
see the fun that you brought to the archers. Showerings of thanks to Arthur
for his willingness to step up and help Wiesenfeuer and the archery
community. I have always known you to be a man of steadfast honor and you
proved it yet again.

A very thankful, and tired,

Elric Dracwin
Wiesenfeuer Seneschal
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  Greetings to all.

       This is a very board band update to cover everybody quickly. Today is
Monday Sep 6 and I am writing this at about11:00am.  In short I will answer
the most asked questions.

  I am doing quite well now.
  Yes, I had a heart attack on firday morning.
  I am now out of the hospital and got a full night's sleep at home.
  I did make it out to tbe Baronial on Sunday for a little while after I was
released. Yes, the doctor said okay.
  Queen's Champion is a maybe, Moonschadowee is a for sure still, I hope to
be shooting some by then, we will see what the Doc says.
  Yes, Marion went to the Baronial, after my surgeries were done.  No reason
to sit and watch me watch TV.  She needed to get busy and not think so much.
I thank all those that supported her this weekend, in some ways I think it
was harder on her than on me.
  I would like to say THANK YOU to all that stepped up to help fill in for
me at Baronial.  It was told to me it took 8 people to fill in during my
absence, but that is not the amazing part, the amazing part is there were 8
people ready and able to step in an take care of things when the need arose.
Ain't the SCA a great place to play!!!

  Many Thanks
  Aim, Shoot and Be Merry,
  Thomas Quilliam
  Tom Johnson
  tdj_ent at hotmail.com
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