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We have a young man here in the Steppes that is in the Children's Division 
but insists on shooting alongside us as practice while we adults do our 
'thing'. He not only is learning to shoot from the 30 and 40, he is scoring 
from them. Last weekend he shot in his first competition....against adults. 
By his own persistance, he is already shooting adult distances as well as 
many of our archers and he has only been shooting for a few months himself. 
Keep up the good work Baldric. I can't wait to see how you fair in next 
year's Steppes Bowman's Tournament!


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To all of those who are so eager for Robert to shoot in the adult division:
remember he is shooting at the Children's range.  there is a big difference
between shooting a max of 20 yards and 40 yards.  Gilli and Ld. Robert are
bringing him along slowly so he has a chance to develop
his skills and not get frustrated shooting longer ranges before he's ready.
That's why he is practicing at the 30 yard for the Youth Division now before
he starts shooting for score in that division.


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