[Ansteorra-archery] Steppes Warlord Bowman's Tourney and Period Shoot

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Wed Apr 13 08:40:45 PDT 2005

By the leave of their Excellencies Mahdi and Valeria of the Steppes, once again a Bowman's archery tourney will be a part of Saturday's activities at Warlord with a prize of a Japanese Yumi style bow.  

Rules of the Bowman's tourney are as in previous years.   You must be at Ansteorra Bowman rank or below as determined by published scores or your honor and never have won an archery tourney.   There is no limit on how long you have been shooting.    A Royal Round will be part of the tourney and all scores will be submitted.  This tourney is for bows only although crossbows may shoot but not compete for prize.   Some loaner gear will be available for use in this tourney.   

But WAIT!   There is more!

There will also be an archery shoot limited to PERIOD archery.  This shoot will be limited to period crossbows and bows made of period materials.  ONLY exception will be for plastic crossbow nuts and Dacron string materials for reasons of safety.   Fiberglas or aluminum crossbow prods and fiberglas or metal bows are unacceptable unless suitably documented.  Any wood may be used and any glue or finish providing it does not plasticise the bow.  Otherwise any style or design of bow or crossbow is acceptable if you can provide documentation that it was used prior to 1600.

Extra points for documentation and for having made your own equipment.  Arrows and bolts should have field tips only if shot.   Targets will be period style targets.

If you have questions about these two tourneys please contact me or one of my arcarius. 

Arcus Jaque the Spink
Arcarius Lyneya 
Arcarius Thomas of Quillam
Arcarius Arthur Blackmoon

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