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Mon Apr 25 07:31:57 PDT 2005

Sylvrfalcn at aol.com (Sylvrfalcn at aol.com) said something that sounded like:
> While I agree we need to have an AoB, I'd rather do my bowmaking thing as a 
> separate deal, so I can devote adequate time to hands on instruction. I want 
> folks to walk away with a firm grasp of the basic skills they'll need to get 
> started in bow making. If I accomplish that objective, they'll be able to return 
> to their respective shires/baronies, and teach others what they've learned. 
> There's simply not that much I can accomplish in a one hour AoB class, other 
> than a brief lecture/demo. That's got to be dissapointing to somebody who really 
> wants to learn how to make a bow.

Btw, another location to host this is the "Fall Arts Symposium". It is
designed for just this type of class. The minimum class time period is
supposed to be 2 hours with them going all day or all weekend as needed.
These are held every other year.

The one this year is being held in Bryn Gwlad September 9th-11th.


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