[Ansteorra-archery] Ansteorra Archery Marshal out of pocket...

Harry Bilings humble_archer at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 25 14:14:48 PDT 2005

Take all the time you need to get well, not just better. Nothing is more 
important than ones helth.

humble archer
Ravens Fort Ansteorra
>Good Morning,
>   Just before Pennsic I got diagnosed with pneumonia and some other
>   complications in my lungs. Unfortunately the antibiotics have not
>   been able to clear it up yet. What this means is that I am likely to
>   be on restricted travel until my doctors have a good handle on the
>   cause and the proper medical treatment to fix it. I still plan on
>   being out as much as I can, but I am going to in all likelihood miss
>   Gothic War.
>   I will still be answering email as my health and time allows. If
>   something urgent comes up, please call me at the number listed in the
>   Blackstar. As well, I have an emergency deputy (Lord Iain) who can be
>   reached via email at deputy-archery-marshal at ansteorra.org. I will be
>   depending on Iain and my regionals even more than usual at this time in
>   my tenure.
>Phelim "Pug" Gervase

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