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Don Cristoforo of the Gates Edge area is the new Royal Huntsman.  The finals got down to 3 crossbowmen (Arcarius Jon, Arcus Moreg, and Master Pug) and archer Don Cristoforo.  Her Majesty selected an armadillo target for the semifinal target at about 25 yards.  Don Cristoforo turned him into a porcupine with 5 of 6 arrows and the 6th glancing off and Master Pug right behind him in his half of the semifinals.  At Her Majesties pleasure a 3D rabbit was placed at about 30 yds which Don Cristoforo once again filled with 4 arrows.  An outstanding day for Don Cristoforo but a poor day for the targets.    

The field was downhill with approximately 16 archers and crossbowmen competing in a double elimination random pairing tourney with many varied and interesting targets and scenarios such as a wreath shoot and a save the king shoot. 

Arcus Jaque the Spink

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Has anyone out there heard the results of today's Royal Huntsman 

Inquiring minds want to know.


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