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David Ruff davidsbox01 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 1 20:46:03 PDT 2005

I can see your point....
However it is demanding to pull 80 to 130 lbs every shot. It tires you out as fast or faster then pulling and holding a 35lb bow. I shoot both and have tested it. 
I bring it up as according to the official rules any position is allowed, however for some reason it is not in the area. Not that it matters, a good crossbow shooter can shoot in any position - i was merely pointing out how unwrtten rules exsist. 
Try pulling a 70 to 80lb crossbow for a royal - see how your arms feel. Bows and crossbows both have there weaknesses and there strong points. I have seen bows shoot kneeling and even sitting. 
But a bow shoots standing becuase that is there most stable way to do it. 
By rights a crossbow braces  - 
one for recoil (on the stronger bows), 
two becuase a crossbow is about 2 to 5 times heavier then a bow and 
three becuase it is thier most stable platform to shoot from. 
Question...... if sitting is not allowed - well then poles to set the bow on were very period..... same thing?
Im really not trying to start a fight, rather a look at it. Bows scream unfair - yet there are things about the crossbow that are over looked. 

Susan Hill <sueorintx at hotmail.com> wrote:
Disabled archers are of course accomodated. It arguably gives a crossbowmen 
an advantage to shoot from a sitting or kneeling position because they can 
steady their aim more easily. My personal thing is that it is 
physiologically more tiring to have to stand rather than sit or kneel so in 
a competition, I ask for crossbows to stand so that they don't have an 
advantage over bows in that way. If all archers trained to shoot sitting and 
could do so, I would have no problems requiring all bows or crossbows to sit 
or stand, but for those using the longbow...it could be a distinct problem, 
depending on the length of the bow. We do have people shoot in competitions 
from wheelchairs/scooters, and I have had one archer use a little stool 
because she had problems standing for long periods. There is no problem 
whatsoever in that, but when there is an advantage to be had, we attempt to 
keep the field as even as possible. Royal Rounds, by themselves are not 
considered competition. When we shoot them at our practices, Einan, you will 
see crossbows kneeling, sitting, or standing. It is only in competition that 
you will see changes like this.

Lyneya de Grey

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Subject: Re: [Ansteorra-archery] Other fun stuff
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 19:08:33 -0700 (PDT)

OK...why would sitting not be allowed? ( What about those archers who are 
disabled? )

Just a question

David Ruff wrote:
I would have guessed that to be the case. I have not seen it written 
anywhere but i imagine its like the "rules" allowed shooting in any postion 
- but sitting and kneeling isn't allowed. Altho - changing bows i can 
honestly see a REAL advantage in that. Especially for those that roll there 

Have to understand - i build about 5 to 10 of these things a month - there 
are ones that catch my eye, combos that are insane etc...

To be silly tho - i can't imagine our forefathers actually made things to 
make the task at hand easier and more precise. Thats just out of the box 
thinking hehehehehe. <--- being silly.... :)


Harry Bilings wrote:
I have not read the "rules" lately but I doubt that you can change 
"bow/crossbows" in the middle of a round. I know that I would not allow it.
humble archer
Ravens Fort Ansteorra

Just tested a fiberglass composite prod that i made..... Has 13" powerstroke 
with a 3" brace. 16 total inches from back of prod to teeth.

Wanna talk about some SPEED coming off the tiller.... MAN!!!!!!! blows my 
121lb competition bow out of the water.

Is pulling 130# at 13" draw, 3" brace and is 30" tip to tip.... 1690 in/lbs. 
Whats better is i have put a modern trigger system into the medieval stock 
complete with safety and auto catch teeth. No resetting the roller. This 
order was extremely weird, but the guy said trust him... i can see why.... 
This is one going out east heheh. It shoots flat and i mean FLAT out past 40 

Makes me wonder what would happen if while shooting an open round royal in 
speed round a 50lb pull at 13" draw 3" brace - using light bolts made for 
speed and flat shooting would do.... Cocking it one handed with the auto 
reset catch in it would be a dream. Building another trigger system to try 
that one out. As far as i can see there is no rules to changing bows mid 
royal round - one bow for flat out accuracy and range and another for pure 
speed. To fun.....


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