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I don't mind that some shoots require crossbows to shoot from "X" position. I just wish when I ask about being allowed to shoot sitting and am told must shoot standing up that they would make "all" crossbows shoot standing up. I have been in more than one shoot where I asked about sitting and was told no and had other shooters then shot sitting or knelling.
Long ago when I lived in Nebr. they had a primitive weapons season for deer that allowed crossbows, long bows, reserve bows and black powder muzzle loaders but not compound bows.
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  If you are shooting in anything else please respect the wishes and rules of the tournament organizers.  If the tournament organizers feel that sitting, kneeling, whatever gives you an unfair advantage then they will likely ask you to stand.  It's a call that each tournament organizer can make.

  Crossbow and handbows are different styles of shooting.  Both take practice and skill to do well but they are different.  The SCA is the only place I know of where crossbows are ever allowed to compete against/with handbows.  Crossbows are allowed in NAA, IBO, etc. but they never shoot directly against bows.  Heck even where crossbows are allowed as hunting weapons they are typically not allowed in the regular bow season.  


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