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David Ruff davidsbox01 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 8 09:46:05 PDT 2005

Just after warlord i got inspired to finish up on a crossbow i have been working on for awhile. I took a solid aliminum billet and machined out a frame. The stock is wood as are the foregrips. The trigger system is modern type finger trigger with the safety. I added a modern sighting system altho i am in the process of making a bead front and blade rear. The prods i tested on it were home made using the lay up lamination process then baking in the heat box. Two prods have been tested - both fiberglass/resin. The new one is 60lbs at 10" draw and the other is 121lb at 10" draw which i used at warlord on my Italian bow. 
My teacher builds medievals and also makes a living at building match grade competition crossbows. His match bows are able to pin a solid 5/16" grouping at 18 meters.... I have a long way to go however as i couldn't get close to that. 
Have to say i am not sure how the big companies mass produce frames - it was not fun to do at home. But i always wanted a modern crossbow that was different and wanted to avoid being teased about buying a modern crossbow to shoot well.... Naaa, i built one from scratch :) altho i still need it to shot well /grin.... 
Anyways, just wanted to share, it is exciting to me as i finally understand trigger safetys, modern triggers and self resetting locks. Was a HECK of a learning experiance :)

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