[Ansteorra-archery] Period Shoot at Lughnasad

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Sat Jul 9 12:04:03 PDT 2005

Greetings Good Gentles!

For those that attended Steppes Warlord with intent to compete in the Period Archery event I bring you good news.  With the permission of the Autocrat and Archery Marshals we will be having the period shoot following the regular shoot at Lughnasad. Even better- the rules have been slightly modified to allow more folk to enter. 

There will be two divisions- Crossbow and Bow with prizes donated by Arcus Ironwyrm and Arcus Jaque the Spink.  Points will be cumalative with three scoring areas- shooting, documentation, and craftsmanship (bow, arrows, and accessories subcategories if you made your own equipment).  Generally the Period rules of Ansteorra will govern the allowed equipment with emphasis that modern finish and glue may not plasticise the bow.  Exception to Ansteoran rules is that only period materials will be considered as period although period style equipment will be allowed to enter.  Strings and crossbow rollernuts may be of plastic for safety reasons. 

Those shooting period style equipment such as fiberglas limb horsebows or aluminum or fiberglas crossbow prods may also enter but will be scored lower than fully period equipment.

All decisions of the judges/Marshals are final. 

Samples of Possible Score Sheet
Equipment Category (determined by bow and arrows)
         Period Archery score times X
         Period style (contains fiberglas or aluminum for example) Archery score

Craftsmanship (materials as well as workmanship)
         Accessories quiver
                          Finger protection

Documentation  (include period and culture equipment is from as well as other documentation)
        References (xerox or book preferred)

If you have any questions concerning this shoot please feel free to contact me.   I will be more than happy to clarify any point or answer any question.

Arcus Jaque the Spink


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