[Ansteorra-archery] A Thank You for the Rose event...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Mon Nov 7 08:01:33 PST 2005

Good Morning,

  This weekend's event was a wonderful experience for me. The skill level
  of the entrants into the different tournaments was outstanding and a
  joy to watch and participate in. The attention to planning of the
  event including everything running on or ahead of schedule. I look
  forward to attending and participating in more of these events in the

  For the archery tournament, I have to thank Duchess Julia for organizing
  it, providing refreshments to those present, and allowing Arcus Moreg
  to enter the tournament despite her being the Marshal in Charge when
  Ulrich was unable to attend due to mundane conflict. The quality and
  diversity of archers present was amazing. Among the 20 entrants, several
  children entered and at least one continued on beyond the first round
  defeating other children and adults equally. Present were champions
  (current and past) of groups throughout the Kingdom, previous Royal
  Huntsmen, members of the Arc d'Or, as well as Master Leon Dunne, an
  archery legend of this Kingdom and a Lion to the core.

  The format of the tournament allowed the archers to show a diversity
  of skill by shooting at a variety of different formats. For those not
  present, the format was:

- Standard 5 color target - 6 arrows
  - Random medium distance
  - 1 point for outer (white) ring, 5 points for inner (gold) ring
  - 75% of entrants advance
- Timed Inverted 5 color target - as many arrows as possible in 30 seconds
  - Random short distance
  - 5 points for outer (white) ring, 1 point for inner (gold) ring
  - 50% of remaining archers advance
- Rose wreath - 6 arrows
  - Random medium distance
  - 1 point for large wreath, 3 for medium wreath, 5 for small wreath
  - Twist: -2 points for shooting one of the roses in the wreath
  - 4 archers advance to be paired against each other
- Animal target - 3 arrows
  - 30 yards at a rabbit (Many chants from the Roses of "Kill the Rabbit")
  - 3 points for body, 5 points for kill zone
  - Ties sudden death til someone beats the other
  - Head to head - one archer from each pairing to advance to finals
- Hanging ball target - 6 arrows
  - Random short distance
  - 1 point for hitting ball
  - Ties sudden death til someone beats the other
  - Head to head - one archer to be name Archery Defender

  This format was enjoyable for the archers and I know many of the Roses
  present enjoyed the last three shoots, particularly when they could
  tease the 4 archers who shot a rose during the wreath shoot. I was so
  very glad to not be among those archers this day. I was also glad that
  Master Leon did not withdraw at this point due to the foreboding of
  shooting a rose but the Roses assured him it was for their entertainment
  and not a personal insult if it should happen. Unfortunately I did
  garner much heckling, particularly from Countess Octavia, when it took
  much longer than it should have for me to shoot the poor defenseless
  bunny in order to advance to the finals.

  For those not present, in the end I defeated Arcus Plachoya in the
  finals to become the second Archery Defender within the Company of
  Defenders of the Roses. As Duchess Julia stated, Ulrich may not have
  known exactly what he was in for being the premier of this company,
  but he definitely came through with a fine format for the selection of
  the person to follow him. I hope that I am able to only improve from
  there to make it even more enjoyable for the Roses, the archers
  shooting for the honor, and those watching from the pavilions.

  This is an honor that I hold in great regard and a tournament that I
  truly desired to be able to win. The gifts that the Roses provided are
  already being displayed and well protected as is appropriate to their
  nature. These are prizes I will show with pride throughout my coming
  years in the SCA.

In Service,
Master Phelim Gervase called Pug

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