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> Good Morning,
>   This weekend's event was a wonderful experience for me. The skill level
>   of the entrants into the different tournaments was outstanding and a
>   joy to watch and participate in. The attention to planning of the
>   event including everything running on or ahead of schedule. I look
>   forward to attending and participating in more of these events in the
>   future.
>   For the archery tournament, I have to thank Duchess Julia for organizing
>   it, providing refreshments to those present, and allowing Arcus Moreg
>   to enter the tournament despite her being the Marshal in Charge when
>   Ulrich was unable to attend due to mundane conflict. The quality and
>   diversity of archers present was amazing. Among the 20 entrants, several
>   children entered and at least one continued on beyond the first round
>   defeating other children and adults equally. Present were champions
>   (current and past) of groups throughout the Kingdom, previous Royal
>   Huntsmen, members of the Arc d'Or, as well as Master Leon Dunne, an
>   archery legend of this Kingdom and a Lion to the core.
>   The format of the tournament allowed the archers to show a diversity
>   of skill by shooting at a variety of different formats. For those not
>   present, the format was:
> - Standard 5 color target - 6 arrows
>   - Random medium distance
>   - 1 point for outer (white) ring, 5 points for inner (gold) ring
>   - 75% of entrants advance
> - Timed Inverted 5 color target - as many arrows as possible in 30 seconds
>   - Random short distance
>   - 5 points for outer (white) ring, 1 point for inner (gold) ring
>   - 50% of remaining archers advance
> - Rose wreath - 6 arrows
>   - Random medium distance
>   - 1 point for large wreath, 3 for medium wreath, 5 for small wreath
>   - Twist: -2 points for shooting one of the roses in the wreath
>   - 4 archers advance to be paired against each other
> - Animal target - 3 arrows
>   - 30 yards at a rabbit (Many chants from the Roses of "Kill the Rabbit")
>   - 3 points for body, 5 points for kill zone
>   - Ties sudden death til someone beats the other
>   - Head to head - one archer from each pairing to advance to finals
> - Hanging ball target - 6 arrows
>   - Random short distance
>   - 1 point for hitting ball
>   - Ties sudden death til someone beats the other
>   - Head to head - one archer to be name Archery Defender
>   This format was enjoyable for the archers and I know many of the Roses
>   present enjoyed the last three shoots, particularly when they could
>   tease the 4 archers who shot a rose during the wreath shoot. I was so
>   very glad to not be among those archers this day. I was also glad that
>   Master Leon did not withdraw at this point due to the foreboding of
>   shooting a rose but the Roses assured him it was for their entertainment
>   and not a personal insult if it should happen. Unfortunately I did
>   garner much heckling, particularly from Countess Octavia, when it took
>   much longer than it should have for me to shoot the poor defenseless
>   bunny in order to advance to the finals.
>   For those not present, in the end I defeated Arcus Plachoya in the
>   finals to become the second Archery Defender within the Company of
>   Defenders of the Roses. As Duchess Julia stated, Ulrich may not have
>   known exactly what he was in for being the premier of this company,
>   but he definitely came through with a fine format for the selection of
>   the person to follow him. I hope that I am able to only improve from
>   there to make it even more enjoyable for the Roses, the archers
>   shooting for the honor, and those watching from the pavilions.
>   This is an honor that I hold in great regard and a tournament that I
>   truly desired to be able to win. The gifts that the Roses provided are
>   already being displayed and well protected as is appropriate to their
>   nature. These are prizes I will show with pride throughout my coming
>   years in the SCA.
> In Service,
> Master Phelim Gervase called Pug
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