[Ansteorra-archery] Archers Opinion? input please :)

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Wed Nov 16 06:54:12 PST 2005

> I am wondering if archers out there have an opinion about using other
> woods then cedar for arrows. I make shafts in the 3 woods above and its
> been my experiance after shooting all three woods that all of them fly
> the same. Cedar seems to lose on the toughness part as dougfir and ash
> seem to take abuse better.

Good Morning,

  I've used cedar, chundo and douglus fir over the years.

  Early on I primarily used chundo and douglus fir because of the price
  delta and my fletching and shooting ability didn't impact the quality.

  The last two years I've been much more happy with premium cedar because
  of the consistancy I get with my shooting - although I have one that
  must be fletched slightly off since it spirals. The thing I've noted
  when I upgraded my prod from 72# to 115# is that I am now starting
  to split the ends of shafts after a dozen or two shots and it is now
  going to be a requirement to use butt caps on my shafts. What I am
  noticing is that the shafts that are splitting are kicking very high
  off the shelf which confused the hell out of me until I found the

  Now that being said, I've not gone back recently and purchased either
  of the other woods to see if they are a significant factor or only a
  minor one.


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