[Ansteorra-archery] Merchanting at Archers' Revel

HLDarcy HLDarcy at hot.rr.com
Tue Nov 22 06:50:18 PST 2005


This year we will be adding something new to Archers' Revel.  Merchants will 
be welcomed.  If you have something you would like to sell or trade or are 
looking for something to buy, come to A.R.  Merchandise need not be limited 
to Archery.

We have one confirmed merchant - House of Caprini: sellers of period and 
non-period style jewelry.  (Confirmed because I'm the non-periiod half.) 
Now would be a good time to start Yule shopping (wink, nudge).

Hope to see everyone at Archers' Revel.

HL Darcy Evaline o Lasgwm
Merchant co-ordinator
HLDarcy at hot.rr.com


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