[Ansteorra-archery] its that time

Thu Aug 24 06:39:10 PDT 2006


due to some mundane issues arising .
i am hereby announcing that i will be stepping down as northern regional missile marshal at the end of my warrant .  ( jan. red tape )
i hope that i have made a positive difference in the northern region during my time as northern regional archery marshal , acting northern regional thrown weapons marshal , and now northern regional missile marshal.

applicants should have an interest in all things    " missile " 
target archery , combat archery, thrown weapons, siege ,and a large interest in safety .
be able to travel to most if not all northern regional events ( those with archery activities ),
to do authorizations , and observe those wanting to become authorized.
and forward paperwork to marshalate secretary .
be able to receive & correlate quarterly reports from all missile marshals ,and send finished report to kingdom missile marshal in a timely fashion.
as well as manage the nram list

anyone interested may e-mail me privately for more info .
applicants please send applications to myself and the kingdom missile marshal .

ps. I've had the privilege of authorizing every archery marshal and several thrown weapons marshals in the northern region.
and all i can say is thank you !! 
i have never seen a more hard working group of people in any of my 24 years in and around the sca !
most of you work not only your own events , but also at any event you may go to as well .
and your quarterlies are mostly on time .
please make my successor feel as welcome and as needed as you have made me feel .


be safe, be happy, have fun

ld.arthur blackmoon k.a.a.
northern regional missile marshal

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