[Ansteorra-archery] Allied combat archers met & greet at GW XV:

Ironwyrm ironwyrm at housearkham.com
Tue Feb 28 13:16:38 PST 2006

                        Greetings to the combat archers of the great kingdoms 
  of Ansteorra and Trimaris!
  Arcus William Black Dragon called "Ironwyrm" 
  Archery Commander of the Army of Ansteorra 
  Baron Iain Fhearghuis   
  Archery Commander of the Army of Trimaris
  Invite the combat archers of both our great kingdoms 
  of Ansteorra & Trimaris attending Gulf War XV to a 
  combat archer "met and greet" to be held 6 PM 
  Tuesday March 14th. at the Ansteorran Gate! 
  Invited are: Crowns of both kingdoms (as if we could keep 
  them out), general & field commanders of both kingdoms, 
  combat archers of both kingdoms, Order of Arc d' Or of 
  both kingdoms, combat archery marshals of both kingdoms 
  and (if we must) our society combat archery marshal. 
  The purpose of this meeting is to put a face to those whom 
  we have for so many years fired upon from across our own 
  lines in battle, as well as have an opportunity to identify our 
  field & unit commanders so we may function better as allies 
  when we take the field together on Thursday.  Futhermore it 
  gives our commanders & combat archery marshals an 
  opportunity for pre-battle updates and breifing. 
  To this end we do encourage all field & unit commanders 
  as well as all combat archers to wear your livery (not armor) 
  which you plan to wear to take the field to this meeting so 
  others may easily recognize you as an ally during the 
  frenzy of battle.
  Of course being archers we shall not be all business so 
  we also encourage you to bring mugs & chairs for the 
  standard after meeting exchange of "there I was" stories 
  over a few brews!  I have brewed and plan to donate five 
  gallons of "Voo Doo Lager" just for this occasion myself.  
  Any other contributions shall be greatly appreciated.  
  (please note we shall be checking tokens for under age 
  Ansteorra and Trimaris have two of the greatest combat 
  archery communities of the known world, please do not 
  miss this unprecedented opportunity to gather, meet & 
  exchange war stories with your allied combat archers for 
  Gulf War XV.
  We hope you shall plan to join us!
  Arcus William Black Dragon called "Ironwyrm"
  Archery Commander of Ansteorra's Army of Heros

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