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Sat May 27 13:04:03 PDT 2006

need to write it up to show you, Wilhelm and who ever else that needs to be
shown that they work?

Or is it just as simple as saying, "Duh, they work Boss."  And give you a
fist full of them????

Help me help me.

Gilli the lost and confussed

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Show them to me and to Sir Wilhelm, I assume he will be at Steppes Warlord.
I will then submit them to the SAM and SEM with the test results. Good work.


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	For the benifit of all the folks playing along at home with their
	version of "Do It Yourself APD Design and Testing", what is the
	for getting Kingdom and then SCA approval of a particular APD

	I feel VERY good about the Golf tube APD.  What do I need to get it
	approved?  If there are specific test and or data and or paperwork,
what are

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