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Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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Linet Grey said:

>I would love to be able to practice more, but time
>and money restrict me to our once a week practices. Location is also a
>challenge. I have to drive at least half an hour to get to practices but I
>try to get to all of them.

I understand completely.  I work 2 jobs, so I only get one practice a week
too.  However, one practice can be enough if you can really focus on what
your are doing.  I agree with HL Plachoya when he says that "Once you can
pull and
hold /cock and hold archery is about 90% mental."  For me, the difference
between a good day and a bad day is all about focus (and apparently the
occasional motorcycle injury ; ) ).  If I am "in the zone" mentally, the
arrow goes where I want it to.  If I am distracted, it goes all over the
place!  It also takes me about a 1/2 hour to get to practice, but I know it
is often the difference between shooting well or not.  I commend your
diligence in making the time to go!

>I was pleased with my performance
>though because I: a) didn't choke, b) didn't come in last, c) shot my high
>average, and d) had a lot of fun.

That's the spirit!  If I had only been concerned with winning, I would have
quit a long time ago!  Let's face it, even having an HL in front of your
name doesn't guarantee you will win every tournament you enter.  It doesn't
even mean you will shoot well every time you pick up a bow.  But from your
statement above, it looks like you have already found good reasons to keep
trying.  I started shooting seriously back in 1995.  I was terrible!  I shot
my first arrow off the wrong side of the bow!  But I was very fortunate to
have someone willing to work with me and help me improve.  What kept me
going were the small improvements I could see from time to time, and the fun
people I got to hang out with at events.

Don't let yourself get down about a bad day.  Take a step back, take a deep
breath, and remind yourself that this IS supposed to be fun.  And by all
means (and I am addressing this to all archers) don't be afraid to ask for
advice or help!  Remember that we were all beginners once upon a time.

In service,
HL Moreg


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