[Ansteorra-archery] changed fall court directions

Judie Willey littledragon0861 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 20:09:35 PDT 2006

from Rockwall beyond Royce City to the exit for 36, come south on 36 to
2278, and left there to the "T" intersection with Maddie/2276.  Then left on
Maddie/2276 the short hop to the gate.  The property is on the left, address
8718 is on the beatup mailbox at the gate.

Here is a compilation of MapQuest directions coming from Rockwall on I-30 to
County Road 36 (feel free to use them or not, as you wish, and/or to add
wherever you'll be putting SCA signs):
1.  Stay on I-30 E, and from the 205/Goliad sign go approximately 16 miles.
Total Est. Time: 15 minutes // Total Est. Distance: 16 miles.

2.  Take EXIT 85 toward FM-36 / CADDO MILLS, go <0.1 miles;
3.  Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto I-30 E frontage road, go 0.8 miles;
4.  Turn RIGHT onto FM 36 / S FM 36, go 7.5 miles;
5.  Turn LEFT onto CR-2278, go 1.3 miles to top of "T" intersection;
Total Est. Time: 25 minutes // Total Est. Distance: 15.56 miles.

6.  At "T" intersection, turn LEFT onto CR-2276 / MATTIE RD toward CR-2280,
go 0.1 miles and turn LEFT at SECOND DRIVEWAY AND MAILBOX on the LEFT,
marked 8718.  Fields are recently mowed, and gate will be open.
Total Est. Time: 0 minutes     Total Est. Distance: 0.15 miles.

Complete Estimated Time and Distance from Rockwall 205/Goliad sign to site:
40 minutes, 31.71 miles.

directions are also on the fall court web site http://fallcourt.tripod.com
Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
MoC Barony of Steppes

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