[Ansteorra-archery] BG Archery Practice today cancelled - Weather

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Sun Oct 15 09:30:14 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I am afraid I am going to cancel today's Bryn Gwlad archery practice. 
It's wet already, with scattered rain showers. There's a 70% chance of 
more rain, including thunder storms, throughout the afternoon. While 
the conditions right now are not too terrible, it could get a lot worse 
on very short notice. And looking for arrows in wet grass is not that 
much fun, nor is it good for the arrows.

So stay home and make arrows, or work on other projects, and hopefully 
we'll see everyone next weekend.

Just as a reminder, we have a Baronial event coming up at the end of 
the month, and there will be a combat archery activity for that event. 
But there will NOT be any target archery. I encourage any target 
archers who attend to support our combat archer's efforts, and to enjoy 
the activity as spectators. Combat archery can be a lot of fun, and 
this is a rare chance for those of us who do not do war archery to get 
a look at how combat archery is done.

By the way, a second 36" archery target has been ordered, and should 
arrive by the end of the month!

HLS Jason of Rosaria
Bryn Gwlad Target Archery Marshal

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