[Ansteorra-archery] Looking for Leofwynne

Leofwine dragonlaw1 at nww.net
Mon Oct 16 20:53:15 PDT 2006

Original agreement was between myself and Karl and was made in fun and taken 
in fun.  Karl and I know each other well enough that I would buy the beer 
even without the ransom.  Just as I know he would supply the same for me. 
However, I think he is just trying to get me back for taking the Royal 
Huntsman title away from him. (insert evil grin)...I readily accept 
Ironwyrms gracious offer to pay the ransom. No one would doubt his brewing 

As for my penance, I had fun with JP on instant messaging.  I warned that a 
penance with the pink tutu could backfire - as witnessed by Alvin.  Although 
I have to admit that anyone would look better than Alvin in a tutu.
My penance has been laid out and accepted and is between me and my mentor. 
I feel that it is just and equitable.

By the way,
I like the spelling of my name by Karl.  To bad my name is already 

Leofwine of Sumersaetum
Royal Huntsman for Aaron and Britta
humbled arcuarius to Eadric Anstappa

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> Tom Johnson wrote:
>> Greetings All,
>> I was trying to remember, didn't Alvin loss such an item once.  What was 
>> it
>> that he had to do to get it back?
>> Aim, Shoot and Be Merry
>> HL Thomas Quilliam
> Yes but my family has different sensibilities.
> What Karl has, and what Ironwyrm  as a true friend has offered to
> ransom, is merely a scrap of leather (albeit one with a great deal of
> sentimental value that the family would like to have back).
> Only I may return or take away the true item and Leofwine has been asked
> to pay a penance as befits the dignity of the Royal Huntsman of Ansteorra.
> -EA
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