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Geneva or Tracy Tanner tanner.g at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 23 22:11:21 PDT 2006

  thank you so much for the information. 
  I see so many names in the past postings that I know from the coastal region that I completely forgot that this was a kingdom wide list and not just the coastal region. going back to lurking 
  thank you again
  Lady Gwen

Eadric Anstapa <eadric at scabrewer.com> wrote:
  Geneva or Tracy Tanner wrote:
> Is there a set time and place for archery practice IE combat archery or not I know that target archery practice occurred at lord Dales but that has not happened in a while that I am aware of ..( now I could be wrong so bare with me :-))
> I kind of get the feeling it happens when it can where it can.
> Thanks for being patent with the new commer to the list :-)
> Lady Gwen

That is probably a question best asked to your local group and lists or 
to your local archery marshal. This is a Kingdom-wide list and nobody 
on this list is likely to know what is going on throughout the entire 

To be an _official SCA_ function all practices must have a set time and 
place, there must be the appropriate officers/marshals present, and it 
must have been announced in advance.

In the greater Stargate area the only branch that holds regular archery 
practice is Gate's Edge. Generally it happens on a monthly basis and 
the dates each month vary to accommodate the busy kingdom calendar. We 
have a blended CA and Target Archery community and while these practices 
are typically just target archery we always have Combat Archery Marshals 
present and can cover and help with CA issues, do some basic training, 
and have seven acres to do what we need. We sometimes have CA playday 
where we basically do archers-only melees. Our schedule can be found 
via or shire web site.

However, to have a real CA practice you need a good melee practice with 
a number of fighters (more the better), that practice as to take place 
at a site that allows and can support CA, and you must have CA marshals 
present. Such melee practices are harder to find. 

Steppes has a regular Melee practice that can accommodate CA and that is 
unfortunately the only regularly scheduled melee practice that routinely 
involves CA that I am aware of in Ansteorra (there may be others). 
Stargate's regular melee practice can not accommodate CA due to site 


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