[Ansteorra-archery] Demonstration Tourney at GulfWars

Don Christoforo Antonio Passavanti don_christoforo at peoplepc.com
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Dang this sounds cool!

I wish I could get more time on the range to shoot. Got the archers itch
again and I've been a bit too busy with Queen's Champion duties this reign
to make it out to practice. Going to be missing out on the Gates Edge
practice again since I'll be north with Her Majesty Ebergardis. 


Christoforo - CAO

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You may have heard that we are planning to have a tourney of the finest
archers at Gulfwars.  It is true!!!  We are requesting that all archers
compete to qualify to enter the tourney.  The only method that we currently
have of comparing archers across kingdoms is the IKAC (Interkingdom Archery
Competition) and one of the purposes of this tourney is to get people to
shoot IKACs.  Even though the IKAC competion is over for the year, the
keeper of the scores has agreed to continue taking scores for qualification
purposes.  See the attached flyer for more information.  Good Luck.

Gulfwars XVII Rangemaster

Attention Archers!!


At Gulf Wars XVII

The First Ever
Archery - Grand Exhibition Tourney

To be held at the Fort, with rows of spectators watching and cheering on the

Only the best archers will be in competition.  Glory, Honour, and a Really
Cool Prize awaits the archer who wins this Grand Tourney.

How to qualify?  The contestants will be declared as the top ten archers to
register on site at Gulf Wars XVII, as determined by the IKAC scores that
they have submitted during the 2007 season and including scores submitted up
until March 1st, 2008 (scores will be accepted after the official close of
the 2007 season).  There will also be IKACs run at Gulf Wars for those who
wish to enter additional scores.  The ranking system used will be based on:

20% - The archer's Total Number of submitted IKAC scores.

20% - The archer's Highest submitted IKAC score.

60% - The archer's Average IKAC score during the qualification period.

i.e.  [(Total Scores (up to 10) X 30) X 0.20] + [Highest Score * 0.20] +
[IKAC AVG * 0.60]

For this Exhibition, we want the best archers the known world has to offer
to come forth and show their prowess and impress the crowd.  It is also our
intent to both bring the attention of our populace to the art of archery and
to encourage more IKAC submissions from our ranks of archers.  The more IKAC
scores you submit, the better your chances of obtaining a slot in the
tourney.  To help insure participation throughout the Known World, there
will also be "Wild Card" slots available in an effort to have at least one
contestant from each Kingdom present.  These slots will be determined at
Gulf Wars, so be sure to register on site.


Due to time constraints, we will only be able to offer two divisions:
Longbow/Recurve and Crossbow.  We will determine how many of each division
after we know how many have registered on site.  An announcement board will
be posted at the archery range to list the contestants by Wednesday of the


There will be a Special Award given to the archer (and their herald) who
presents the Most Entertaining Heraldic Introduction to the crowd. Each of
the contestants is encouraged to have a Herald announce their name,
qualifying score, and any other humorous tidbits with which to entertain the
populace (must keep it short though).  [If you have not brought a herald
with you to the event, one will be provided!]


Details of the competition will be announced at a later date, but will
consist of targets at ranges of 20, 30, and 40 yards and at least one
unspecified range.  There will be at least one speed round.   Equipment must
be in accordance to accepted SCA archery traditions and rules, but need not
be period.

Contact Information for questions:

THL Aleyn Kynyd ap Rhys                                        Visc. Miriel
du Bois

Gleann Abhann                                                 Gleann Abhann

aleyn at cableone.net
mirieldubois at gmail.com


Lord Leofwine of Sumersaetum                         Mistress Lynette

Society Deputy for Archery
dragonlaw1 at nww.net
archery at sca.org

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