[Ansteorra-archery] New Royal Huntsman

Christoforo Antonio Passavanti Don_christoforo at peoplepc.com
Sun Feb 18 14:39:06 PST 2007

Sir Karl der Gaenger!

It was a small but very intense shoot with the finals between an undefeated
Sir Karl and Lord Jean-Paul de Calmont shooting at a creation of Leofwin's
clever mind - a moving javelina 3d target. Both were tied on the scorring of
the target till JP examined the target and saw that Karls arrow had barely
broken the line for the kill zone giving a 2 point lead and victory.

It was some truly outstanding shooting!

Others of note at the tournament were Lord Talon (?) who was of the final 3
in the round robin, Master Leon Donne who is always a pleasure to see on the
range and Gavin the Younger who did some excelent shooting.

In Service,

HL Christoforo CAOA

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