[Ansteorra-archery] "Nobles's Sponsered Archer's Tornament" during Steppes Warlord:

William Black Dragon hlironwyrm at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 24 01:04:45 PDT 2007

Greetings Nobility of Ansteorra!

It's Sunday afternoon at Steppes Warlord, all the
Steppes championship tournaments are finished or
just winding down and ya think the fun is done, not
even close!

Come join us for our "Noble's Sponsored Archer's
Tournament" by entering your favorite archer to
compete for you during our competition.  Whom in
Ansteorra can field the better marksman?  Which of
you can command the best presence upon the field? 
Who's going to walk away with that fat chest of
largess entries?  It could be you!

Our tournament shall be in two parts finishing with
three rounds of marksmanship skills for a possible
score of seventy five points total.  The first part
of our competition consist of personal presence,
just how well an impression can you make when
called forth!  Personal heraldry & livery is
encouraged, announcing heralds are allowed, and
limited procession permitted (no more than ten
persons, and no animals please).  Each entrant
shall be permitted up to ten minutes in turn for
procession, introduction, boasting and/or whatever
before asking their sponsored archer to take their
place for the marksmanship competition.  Scoring
will be by popular vote of the spectators present
with the top three choices gaining a possible five,
fifteen or twenty five points to add to their
sponsored archer's marksmanship scores.  Entrant
with the highest score at the completion of the
tournament shall be declared the winner and gain
the collected chest of largess.  

Our competition is open to any noble or peer
sponsoring an archer to compete for them during our
marksmanship portion of the tournament and cover
our token entry fee.  Requested entry fee being a
piece of largess which you would like to receive
yourself for our prize chest.  

Entrants may shoot the marksmanship portion of this
tournament themselves should they wish.  

Sign up begins with the opening of the archery
range Sunday morning and ends at 2:30 PM.  The
tournament is planned to start at 3PM, of course
that time may adjusted should the Steppes Archery
Champion's Tournament run long. 

Our goal is to finish our Steppes Warlord archery
activities with a fun and entertaining contest in a
somewhat traditional medieval fashion hopefully to
encourage more interaction and the use of personal
heraldry among our own archer community.  

I pray you shall choose to join us.


William Black Dragon called "Ironwyrm"

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