[Ansteorra-archery] Archery Tournament at Defenders of the Rose!

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Mon Nov 12 05:33:28 PST 2007

> Thank you, Your Excellency for providing such a fun tournament.
> Once again, the tournament at the Roses event was one of the most
> enjoyable I can remember.

I agree whole heartedly. The tournament was fun. The shoot was enjoyable for
those shooting as well as watching. Not to mention that the Roses were wise
and fair in their punishments for those individuals who managed to damage a

For those not present, the format ended up being dueling archers with a
challenge format based on the order of precedence of the Rose you were
shooting for. The individual who was challenged got to pick the format from
sudden death, as well as up to as many arrows as the archers had. Scoring
was based on a points system with one option to be an insta-kill (clay
pigeon in the chest).

The one variable that did not change was that there were 3 clay pigeons on
the target representing Roses in different "safe" areas observing the
battle. If an archer shot one they immediately lost and the Rose who was
hidden behind was revealed. At this point the Roses present would talk to
the individual about endangering members of their Order and find an
appropriate "penance". It was all in good fun and the "penance" was minor,
crafted to the individual in question, and aimed to include some of the
Roses who were unable to be there this weekend. I believe that these Roses
were Duchess Julia, Duchess Britta, Countess Sibri, and Duchess Valeria (?)
- I am quite uncertain of the fourth since my memory is a little fuzzy from
too much sun and wind without enough water 'cause I'm an idiot. There were
those of us shooting (Don Iago, Don Dore, and me) that were quite concerned
with ensuring that we did not hit a Rose because of the "penance" we would
expected to pay, but oddly enough I believe that the Roses wanted (and
sometimes plotted towards the end of the day) quite the opposite in these
same cases.

Unfortunately this tournament is going to an every other year format, so it
will be two years before we can do this again.

Again, thank you Your Excellency Deanna, Lord Leofwine and Lord Bastion for
an excellent day of archery.

Master Pug
Archery Defender of the Roses I & III

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