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I talked with Eclectic Products recently, the makers of Goop and E6000.  These products are quite similar.  Actually Eclectic Products has a whole family of very similar products.

Goop uses toluene as a solvent.  E6000 uses perchloroethylene  (aka PERC, aka tetrachloroethylene).  PERC is nonflammable but is a more regulated chemical because it's linked to birth defects making it difficult to put into a "home use" product.

The "marine", "lawn and garden", and "Sports and Outdoors" grades have UV stabilizers intended to make them last longer outdoors.  Several other products have it too.

The "Amazing Goop", "household", "automotive", "plumbing", and "craft" are all toluene solvents and only differ slightly with the amount of solvent used which changes the viscosity of the pre-cured product.  As best I could tell from talking to their people, they aren't actually different glues except for the solvent percentage and there's no fundamental difference in the dried product.  They just differentiated it for marketing purposes.  E6000 is different only in that it contains that PERC solvent but it doesn't seem to make a difference in the dried product either.  There's probably some technical differences in the drying rate and surface bonding due to the way the different solvents attack the surface it's bonding to, although for PE/HDPE/UHMW I doubt it matters because neither solvent will attack these substrates in any way AFAIK.


---- Pug Bainter <pug at pug.net> wrote: 
> > GOOP or E6000 are still pretty much the standard glues used and seem to 
> > work well if ya put em on right.  Vent the Asgard APD's, clean up and 
> > rough up the inside of the APDs, clean up and rough up the shafts.  Let 
> > the glue dry for a week+ before using em, mebbe longer if it is cold.
> > I used Marine GOOP, E6000, Bond 527, and "Welder".
> Good Morning,
>   After Gulf War, I am looking to use something besides E6000 for the
> Classic Baldar Blunts. I've been using E6000 for years with the Asgard APDs
> and used it with the egg shaped heads with great success. I had two batches
> of bolts that were used of which some had been glued for more than 2 weeks
> and some had only been a couple days. Unfortunately almost all of these
> failed after one use. I'm not sure what is different, but this is an
> unacceptable rate of failure given the extremely high rate of failure.
>   I've still had less than a couple percent failure with the Asgard APDs,
> but I don't see a need to have two glues so I'm looking to find something
> that works well with both the head and the APD.
>   What have people been using with the new Classic Baldar Blunts with good
> results?
> Ciao,
> Master Phelim Gervase called Pug
> Dark Horde Moritu - Ansteorra
> pug at pug.net 
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