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Sorry, Yahoo Mail is being a bit strange these days.

Sent it to Scott personally when it should have gone to the List:

Actually, I am already an authorized fighter, plus I have a target archery authorization.  :D

I fight mostly in Wars, but I do know my way around a field.  It's just getting to know the details of Authorization for Combat Archery.

Great Western War and Estrella were my biggest events.  Now that I'm here in Texas, *chuckling* I have to get practice in for when I can get to Gulf Wars.

My room mate, Ulrike the Franke' has been twitching to get to at least one SCA event that's within our budget this year.

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> Diane Taylor wrote:
> > A question.  
> >
> > What are the requirements to get authorized as a
> Combat Archer?
> >
> >   
> Not much different than getting authorized as a fighter
> with any other 
> weapon. The exception is that you are showing proficiency
> with a missile 
> weapons rather than with hand-held weapons.
> At a minimum what has to be covered is:
> a. Rules of the Lists of the SCA.
> b. The Armor and Weapons standards of the SCA.
> c. The Conventions of Combat for the SCA.
> d. Kingdom-of-residence–specific Conventions of Combat.
> e. Kingdom-of-residence–specific Armor and Weapons
> Standards.
> f. In addition to the above requirements, candidates must
> demonstrate 
> the ability to function on the field in a manner that is
> safe both to 
> themselves and their opponents.
> It is often the f. above that takes the most time.
> "demonstrate the 
> ability to function on the field". That part can take
> some time for a 
> complete newbie. To demonstrate that you pretty much have
> to be on the 
> field, in armor, in a melee. If you are already an
> experienced fighter 
> with an existing authorization then that process might not
> take very 
> long at all.
> For a new combatant I believe the best place to start is at
> your local 
> fighter practice, getting in armor, learning how to protect
> yourself, 
> how to behave on the field, what it is like to get hit, and
> in general 
> what it means to be a fighter. That along with a - d above
> is the stuff 
> that everybody that goes on the field has to learn first.
> Then seek out 
> a CA Marshal and learn the specifics of what it means to be
> a Combat Archer.
> Regards,
> Eadric Anstapa

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