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William Black Dragon ironwyrm at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 2 01:13:10 PST 2008

I guess I'm missing a lot of chatter here keeping myself 
so busy lately?  
There's no secrecy as to the format of the coming 
Royal Huntsman tournament it's very basic really, with 
a slight twist of course.  We're planing a head to head, 
double elimination contest, any bowing out archers may 
offer their slot to a previously eliminated competitor as 
a single resurrection.  Final end to be determined 
between the last two or three competitors remaining 
(no deadly bye for that round).  
I'm told up north the archers really enjoy non-five ring 
target shoots so I've planed about a half dozen of my 
favorite most complained about targets or shoots from 
over the last ten years for the tournament.  Of course 
there shall be a combat archery round (no loaner gear 
will be provided) and should the last two or three 
competitors all be authorized combat archers we just 
might finish with a combat archer's duel (is that the 
theme to the movie "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly" I 
hear playing in the background, maybe not?).  So it's 
highly recommended combat archers bring their full 
armor kit and at least a dozen legal combat missiles.
Please be advised all stated above shall be subject 
to change depending upon the number of archers 
actually participating and to the whims of our 
Majesties, after all it is their tournament (but we're 
going to be the ones having all the fun!).
So bring your bows, arrows, crossbows, bolts, armor 
& combat missiles and join us at the Whenever Yule 
Revel to compete with the best & greatest archers we 
have to offer for the title of next Royal Huntsman of 
Ansteorra!  Hope to see ya there.
(aka HL William Black Dragon, Royal Huntsman of Ansteorra)
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