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Ok here is a response from Ironwrym that i received from a fellow archer
about the Royal Huntsman tourney to clarify about the combat archery
This is our Gulf War Royal Huntsman Tournament and does include a combat
archery round near to or right after the bow out. All are welcome to compete
however it requires helm or rapier mask, half-gauntlets & gloves or rapier
gloves, and twelve of the appropriate combat bolts or arrows for the chosen
style. One might think this end favors the fighters however I have actually
seen an eight year old boy defeat a Duke during the combat round.

So I believe the answer you are seeking is yes, the tournament does include
elements of both target and combat archery. Please note the barony has said
they do not have the combat archery equipment to loan, so should you not own
combat archery equipment yourself might I suggest you make arrangements to
borrow some prior to the tournament.

Our Royal Huntsman champion is expected to own and provide their own
equipment which is why we do not provide loaner gear for this tournament,
but no one really frowns upon a target archer in borrowed combat archery

Looking forward to seeing yourself and the noble archers of Namron Saturday
afternoon for the tournament!

Safe journey,



I have never participated in a Royal Huntsman tourney so i wasnt aware that
combat archery was included in the shoot. Apparently i wasnt the only one
who wasnt aware of this either. I had posted the question about what the
schedule was and how the shoot was going to be to drum up some excitement
and and hopefully entice more archers to attend.....if i hadnt asked then
allot of local archers i know would have shown up and been completely taken
by surprise.

Maybe all of the past tourneys have always included a combat round and we
should have known but im afraid that everyone i know didnt have any idea and
with the answer coming only 4 days ahead of the event there will probably be
no way for any to borrow the necessary equipment.

Maybe with this posting there will be some combat archers who will come
forth and let others borrow their equipment but if not then there are going
to be allot that wont be able to compete.






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Bad spell check, leave the words you can't define alone!  That's
suppose to read "Wiesenfeur" not "Whenever"!  Gads! 
(Oh well, at least its something else to blame mistakes on in 
3AM postings)

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I guess I'm missing a lot of chatter here keeping myself 
so busy lately?  
There's no secrecy as to the format of the coming 
Royal Huntsman tournament it's very basic really, with 
a slight twist of course.  We're planing a head to head, 
double elimination contest, any bowing out archers may 
offer their slot to a previously eliminated competitor as 
a single resurrection.  Final end to be determined 
between the last two or three competitors remaining 
(no deadly bye for that round).  
I'm told up north the archers really enjoy non-five ring 
target shoots so I've planed about a half dozen of my 
favorite most complained about targets or shoots from 
over the last ten years for the tournament.  Of course 
there shall be a combat archery round (no loaner gear 
will be provided) and should the last two or three 
competitors all be authorized combat archers we just 
might finish with a combat archer's duel (is that the 
theme to the movie "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly" I 
hear playing in the background, maybe not?).  So it's 
highly recommended combat archers bring their full 
armor kit and at least a dozen legal combat missiles.
Please be advised all stated above shall be subject 
to change depending upon the number of archers 
actually participating and to the whims of our 
Majesties, after all it is their tournament (but we're 
going to be the ones having all the fun!).
So bring your bows, arrows, crossbows, bolts, armor 
& combat missiles and join us at the Whenever Yule 
Revel to compete with the best & greatest archers we 
have to offer for the title of next Royal Huntsman of 
Ansteorra!  Hope to see ya there.
(aka HL William Black Dragon, Royal Huntsman of Ansteorra)

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