[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Thank You!!!

William Black Dragon ironwyrm at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 9 01:20:23 PST 2008

Hmmm...all it would seem I to have left to say are my own thank yous!  
I'm not quite as young as I used too be and takes me a bit longer to 
recover from days without sleep & extra long daytrips to events.  
First I would wish to thank our Royal Majesties Gunthar & Elizabeth 
whom came down to sit through the entire tournament with us.  Their 
Excellencies Elric & Dominique and the good gentles of Wiesenfeuer 
for being such great hosts.  Our marshals, field heralds, helpers and 
list's babe, HL Thomas, HL Blackmoon, HE Michel, HE Donnchadh, 
Ld. Sam, Ld. Jason, and HL Kayta.  Ld. Alvin for the use of his 3D 
Targets.  Also those others whom jumped in to assist with set up, 
tear down, target changing, arrow spotting & search, that I didn't catch 
the names of, thank you so much we couldn't have done it without 
Last congratulations to our newest Royal Huntsman HE Michel mac 
Dunnchaid whom did win the tournament in a sudden death shoot off 
between the last three of our remaining contestants with a spectacular 
single shot from his crossbow into a six inch foam ball suspended from 
a string.
Thanks to you all!  I hope all enjoyed the tournament as much as I 
enjoyed running it for you!  
HL William Black Dragon  called "Ironwyrm"
BTW,  No matter what kind of spin our poachers from Namron wish 
to try and put on it the deer in question was a doe, and a rather small 
one at that.  But take heart, our first poacher in the "rabbit behind 
the deer shoot" was Honorable Lord Fearghus whom put the most 
beautiful kill shot on the deer right in front of the Crown, so you're 
in good company!

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