[Ansteorra-archery] Elfsea Archery Practice Dec 7 Report

Daniel Foster lorddaniel50 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 12 10:41:33 PST 2008

Greetings to all,
Last Sunday's archery practice was a day of perfect weather and the new target butts looked fantastic. There were 18 present with 15 archers both youth and adult. The day was a one-on-one practice with special thanks to Don Sebastian assisting archers with sight-aim issues bringing out the best in those archers and myself assisting archers with stance, alignment and bow draw matters that included string tuning.
Justin, 8 years old nailed the 10 yard target 90% of the time and Cassandra worked on her form and draw skills hitting the target 85% of the time and shot a Bulls Eye, way to go ! HL Pyro worked very deligently on the 40 yard target and made points most of the time. I ask Pyro why she practices on the 40 yeard target so much and she replyed "by shooting the 40 yeard target first and making 7 to 15 points in a compentetion shoot puts me ahead because the 30 and 20 yard targets are easier to shoot and I'm more relaxed" ..... Good words of wisdom HL Pyro. And thank you to Master Caelin for getting the last minute email out letting everyone know practice was taking place.
To all who came out to shoot and those that come to suppourt the Elfsea Archers, I thank each and every one. Stay safe and may all enjoy the Holidays ahead.
In Service to the Dream,
Lord Daniel O`Ceileachair
ElfseaArchery Marshal
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