[Ansteorra-archery] Newest Attack on CA?

Ken Theriot kentheriot at ravenboymusic.com
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Was it Lucan (East Kingdom) or Logan (Atlantia)?





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But let it be know also that this incident was 2 years ago, and was never
reported to the MIC or CAMIC of the event in Atlantia.I believe.


Michel mac Donnchaid




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Sir Kenneth,
It's true. There are a few knights and masters on the Missile Combat list,
some of whom are advocating a single society standard and that standard
would be tube ammo. In fact some are actually advocating that we go to a
single manufacturer!
What is driving this is the fear that a fiberglass shaft will penetrate a
blunt and then someone's eye. I and others have been trying to reassure them
of the safety of fiberglass shafts when wedded to UHMW blunts. Some have
actually come around to a point. Others lofted their opinions and then left.
I have to say, a number of the posters on the list (CA proponents and
anti-CA types) have been less than courteous. 
Duke Lucan has posted an account by one of his squires stating that he was
struck below his eye by a blunt-less shaft. So those that dislike CA has an
incident to point to. 

Join me



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Subject: [Ansteorra-archery] Newest Attack on CA?

What information does anyone here have on this?  Sir Lyonel just posted this
to the Chiv list.


A number of knights in various kingdoms are pressing, lately, to ban
fibreglass shaft ammunition and allow only 100# siloflex bolts and arrows on
the battlefield. 


I confess that I don't frequent the SCA-wide lists, so I hadn't heard of
this until now.  Does this have a chance?  What is driving this?  Lyonel put
a pool out to our list to get the opinion of our chivalry on it asking just
one question."do you agree with this?"  I don't expect many of the
Ansteorran chivalry to support such an idiotic (sorry.to strong a word?)
proposal.  I just wanted to find out what anyone else might know about it.





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